Eternal Ink Colors

Innovation, experience and variety – These are the keywords when it comes to describing true profession and efficiency.

We have always worked together with a lot of tattoo artists to improve our
product range in every aspect.

From the early beginnings when we started setting up a high-perfomance basic color spectrum in cooperation with our local Eternal Tattoo artists until now
working together with international tattoo experts of numerous genres and styles.

Our goal was always to combine all the competence and knowledge in the tattoo business and unite it with our technical know-how so that you benefit of the best tattoo ink in the market.

And the names we work together with are indeed well-known ones!
Big players and veterans in the American scene, like Mike DeVries, Liz Cook and
Marshall Bennett, award-winning artists like Rember Orellana or international virtuosi like Andrea Afferni and Jess Yen.

All of the Eternal Ink Signature Artists help us to bring you the brightest colors period. For artists by artists!

We Love Making Ink