Say “Hello” to the darkest black ink on the market. And the best part: It is also REACH compliant!

Eternal Ink REACH Compliant

Your favourite tattoo ink brand is now REACH compliant. Safe, Tested and Proven you can start into 2022 and be sure to work with outstanding tattoo ink meeting all requirements the European and your national authorities ask for.

Eternal Ink - Custom labeled for Europe

On of the aspects which is not only important for the user of tattoo inks is the correct declaration and labeling of any pigment that goes into the skin. We have the solution to custom-label to all requirements of REACH and whatever your country is asking for.

Eternal Ink is back – High Quality Tattoo Ink Made for Europe

Eternal is back and even better than ever before. With the European Union REACH bill coming into effect, Eternal Ink has also stepped up their game and is presenting you the steadily extending product range of EU compliant tattoo inks. And as you are used to the high quality product is still meeting all expectations a skilled and sophisticated tattoo artist has. Experience now REACH COMPLIANT Eternal Ink!

SAFE Tattoo Ink

We are aware that the increasing demand for safe tattoo ink products is not only a subject to European consumers but a world-wide challenge we have been targeting ever since. But we are happy to confidently adapt to the highest global standard so far: REACH. Eternal Ink has always been and will be the safest tattoo ink on the market also in the future.

TESTED Tattoo Ink

Of course we don’t only trust our high standard of manufacturing outstanding tattoo inks. We also work together with renowned market-leading scientists and laboratories to test and certify our products so you can rest assured to use best tattoo inks you can get your hands on.

PROVEN Tattoo Ink

We are not only proving that Eternal Ink is ahead of it’s competitors by providing certification showing passed tested reports according to REACH requirements. All tattoo ink products you find on the market have been used by the experienced Eternal Ink Pro Team to make sure the quality you are used to is the same, no matter pre- or post- 2022.




But what about the color range?


Developing, testing, certifying, producing and of course distributing high quality tattoo inks is not an easy job as you can imagine. This is why the current color tone range of Eternal Ink is not as extensive as you are used to. In the course of the first few months of 2022 you will first of all get your hands on our Black, White and Grey color tones which give you the chance to keep on working on monochromatic tattoo projects. From early spring on more and more colorful components of our full Eternal Ink Spectrum will be re-introduced to the market. And by summer 2022 you will have the chance to bring back all life to any of your tattoo artwork.

Eternal Ink GRAY WASHS

One of our evergreens, or should we say evergrays, are our Eternal Ink Gray Wash sets. You can choose from our classic Gray Wash selection of three up until 5 hues or the more satin-like Marshall Bennett Signature Series.

Eternal Ink WHITES

Some say white is not a color, but we don’t really about negative people and their opinion. Eternal Ink White, White Knight, Perfect White, Jess Yen Silk White and Vintage Ink White are all available and ready to make your highlights pop!


Somewhere between light and dark in the monochromatic spectrum of color tattoos you will find our Eternal Ink Neutral Gray. Four hues of a mix of black and white pigments give you the chance to build up depth in any of your art.


We know, we know. As for right now a color picking tool doesn’t really make sense to distinguish the compact spectrum of current EU compliant products. But we are already excited to what is coming in the next couple of months. And that will be pure, bright and powerful pigments being the base of our safe, tested and proven tattoo inks as you know and love them. So, be patient and curious on what will be up next soon! 


High quality tattoo ink for professional tattoo artists is not just found on every corner. Check out our distributors’ section and learn where you can buy Eternal Ink pigments from a safe and reliable source.

And to any tattoo equipment supplier who is not carrying European custom-labeled Eternal Ink products: Don’t be shy! You can learn more about us and the benefits we can provide for your business. Just contact us and make sure to be an Official European Eternal Ink Distributor in your country.

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