Andrea Afferni

Eternal Ink Signature Series Artist

  • Realism
  • Magnetic
Curiosity is an important teacher.
Andrea Afferni

Andrea Afferni was named the Best Portrait Tattoo Artist in Italy in 2010.
It is no surprise that he is known for his great portrait art and his unique realism style which comes from the pencil drawing on paper and traditional oil painting.
He has been a student of one of the greatest painters of the twentieth century, the Master Alberto Lanteri, portrait painter of Queen Elizabeth and
Papa Giovanni Paolo II.

In 2003 he invented a visual style called ‘Magnetic Style’ in order to express more futuristic and modern art by blending lights and shades in a harmonious play. Moreover the Italian has won many awards and holds his seminars all over the world to teach the techniques of realistic tattoo and portrait.

Atelier Tattoo
Via Fratelli Rosselli
10–28100 Novara, Italy
(0039) 345 850 3178

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