Signature Series / Andrea Afferni

Andrea Afferni Set

The creation the illusion of reality in portrait is a challenge for the perception of color differences. The Andrea Afferni Portrait Set is a balanced set of fine flesh tones which help you mastering this task. This palette of inks is a great extension to an existing color base, since these 10 color tones give you the ability to master even the most delicate portrait work, pin-ups and other figures. The skin tones enable to shape the contrasts and structures of faces and bodies, with adding extra vibrancy to your tattoos. And you can be sure that the Andrea Afferni Portrait Set is mixed to Eternal Ink’s impeccable standard of ink consistency and
color-match excellence.


sample color
  • AA01 Natural Fawn
  • AA02 Bright Fawn
  • AA03 Sandy Beige
  • AA04 Warm Beige
  • AA05 Pale Mauve
  • AA06 Dusky Mauve
  • AA07 Light Chestnut
  • AA08 Medium Chestnut
  • AA09 Dark Chestnut
  • AA10 Triple Black