Big Meas

Eternal Ink Signature Series Artist

  • Lettering
I like to look outside the tattoo world for inspiration … I want to take it in another direction.
Big Meas

Lettering requires a certain skill that a lot of artists seem to never develop but Big Meas definitely has that talent. All the years of writing graffiti has impacted his fascination with drawing letters.
Descenders, acsenders, swashes and x heights are the elements that script artists like to bend and twist in order to create incredible word tattoos.
His smooth strokes and steady hand have earned him a fantastic reputation among his clients and his teammates for being a class act at what he does. It also has set the foundation for his own personal style, being recognized and appreciated in the tattoo industry far and wide.

Distinction Tattoo
3700 Wilmington Pike
Dayton, OH 45429

Big Meas Series