Bryan Sánchez M. / Watercolor Ink Set

Bryan Sánchez M. is a virtuoso who achieved a perfect level of watercolor tattoos presenting outstanding and mesmerizing artwork. In cooperation with Eternal Ink, Sánchez composed a set of 12 exceptional colors which fade smoothly from tone to tone by keeping their strong a bright impact at the same time.
Every hue is based on an existing Eternal Ink color tone but due to reformulation and a mixing process which makes the ink thinner but keeping the pigment density this results in a fluid aquarelle consistency.


sample color
  • BSW01 Ruby Red
  • BSW02 Tangerine
  • BSW03 Cotton Candy
  • BSW04 Light Purple
  • BSW05 Exhaust
  • BSW06 Snowflake
  • BSW07 Bermuda Blue
  • BSW08 Deep Sea
  • BSW09 Turquoise Conc.
  • BSW10 Avocado
  • BSW11 Solid Gold
  • BSW12 Bright Orange