Eternal Ink / Distributors

Eternal Ink is distributed by our reliable and professional partners in the tattoo supply industry all over Europe.

We make sure that every dealer we add to this list works along with their national health departments and fulfills other criteria like sustainable company ethics and effecient company infrastructure and logistics.

By ordering from these companies you can be sure to receive our high quality products in a proper and flawless condition.

Professionalism, reliability and efficiency – Eternal Ink Europe UG is your partner regarding distribution of Eternal Ink on the European continent. We always check before approving every applicant to make sure we only serve professional and reputable tattoo supply companies.

Your benefits by ordering from us:

High availability
By very frequent and large deliveries we are always in stock of all Eternal Ink products, which gives you the freedom to order spontaneously and in irregular time frames

Quick supply
We are located in the south of Germany and hence in the middle of the EU which keeps delivery distances quite short.
And since we process your order very quickly we can guarantee a fast delivery to your place.

High profit
By ordering in high amounts from the manufacturer we can offer you a great pricing which keeps your margin profit on a maximum.

Promotional material & information
We offer you all relevant data and graphic material to set up your own promotional campaign for Eternal Ink but you can also benefit from the variety of promotional material, like flyers, booklets, stickers etc we exclusively set up for the European market. Just let us know what you need!

Low shipping charges
We work together with different shipping companies to offer you the best price and conditions to ship to your country.

European labeling
You need exclusive information and disclaimers on your labels to follow your national health departments guidelines to make the product more attractive for your customers? No problem!
We can customize the official Eternal Ink label to your needs.