Eternal Ink European Custom Labeling

We are the only wholesale distributor of tattoo inks providing fully customized labeling meeting all legal requirements and high-lighting the retail distributor placing their Eternal Ink products on the market. Benefit from Eternal Ink EU Custom-Labeling.

Legally secure tattoo ink labeling

Not only since REACH coming into effect but also in the past we, Eternal Ink Europe, have been providing Eternal Ink products with compliant labeling according to all legal requirements of any EU member state. This means that we specifically evaluated correct declaration of ingredients, disclaimers and other details consumers and authorities pay attention to. By providing Eternal Ink products on request we can easily adapt any information elements on our labels to the language specific demands of our official Eternal Ink distributors without any delay while processing orders.

Your company name on Eternal Ink labels

With our custom labeling we make sure not to only follow all legal requirements for correct tattoo ink labels. We also make sure to high-light you and your company by placing your company name and online shop web link on all Eternal Ink products you buy from us. This gives you an additional benefit when it comes to promote you as an Official European Eternal Ink Distributor as well as giving you the chance to track down any ink whenworking together on any requests by your responsible authorities.

Details marked with yellow are customized to the requirements of your country. We ship out perfectly labeled Eternal Ink products with all legal information on the outside of the label as demanded by the authorities. So you safe yourself from adding additional import information stickers to be fully legally secure.

Easy, uncomplicated and quick: How we process your Eternal Ink custom-labeled order

1. Become an Official European Eternal Ink Distributor

In pre-Corona times we used to meet on tattoo conventions and agreed on a partnership but nowaday you can simply send us a message and after a confirmation you become an Official European Eternal Ink Distributor.

2. You place your order with us

You can conveniently order via our order form which we import into our system to process the suppliers commission quickly to make sure to keep lead time short.

3. Swift picking of your order

We pick all unlabeled and ID’ed Eternal Ink bottles out of our always-filled back stock to prepare them to be custom-labeled with all relevant details that are important for you to sell them safely to your customers.

4. Custom Labeling of your order

In this step, according to the information you are providing to us when signing up as an Official European Eternal Ink Dsitributor, these details are added to the text and disclaimer fields on the label. Semi-automatically the labels get applied on the bottles straightly.

5. Packing your order into boxes

All items get packed properly ready to be shipped. We make sure to cushion your order correctly to make sure everything arrives intact at your place.

3. Swift picking of your order

And finally your order of Eternal Ink products is shipped to you to find their way to the artist and into the clients skin. Processing of an order usually is a matter of 1-2 days so you can be sure to receive reinforcements quickly when you need it.

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