Eternal Ink Products - Made for Europe

Steadily and fully committed to quality and legality we are re-introducing Eternal Ink to the European Union.

Tattoo ink with heart, soul and a history of success not only in the USA

From a selection of Blacks, Whites and Grays we are expanding the availabilty to the classical full spectrum of more than 200 color tones in the course of the first months of 2022. Rest assured to see all colors of Eternal Ink in the shelves and online shops of your favourite Official Eternal Ink Distributors soon again.

Gray Wash Set

The absolute classic, Eternal Ink’s Gray Wash set! Consisting of five evenly distributed grades of finely pigmented sumi inks you are able to create any shade and graduation of black in your client’s skin. Make sure to extend these shades even more by using our Keep-It-Wet mixing solution. 


Marshall Bennett Signature Set

Designed to perfection this four-gray-wash set has been Marshall Bennetts setup for years. Formulated on a darker pigment base than our classic Gray Wash Set, this collection of 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% gray wash blends is a perfect variation for all sophisticated black and gray artists.


Neutral Gray Set

Eternal Ink’s Neutral Gray set is a handy extension of every color artists palette. With four bold & opaque gradiations of neutral gray tones it is the perfect for toning down saturation without losing the original color hue. Neutral Gray comes in grades of 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% to help you extend your existing color base easily.


The Eternal Ink spectrum of white tones is not small but it all started with our Standard Colors White. As one of the boldest and most opaque white tones on the market it brings maximum saturation into every tattoo. But besides of that it is still easily to apply due to its smooth and silky structure. Our white no-brainer!

White Knight

An opaque white color tone which is ideal for setting any kind of highlights and boosting darker parts of your tattoo. It is mixed to be a bit thinner than our M Series Perfect white while still standing the test of time.

Perfect White

Maybe our most perfect white. While some might regard Standard White to be too saturating and White Knight to be too thin Perfect White sits right in the middle. Make your white highlights pop with this tattoo ink white tone.

Silk White

Bright but still silky, just like the name suggests. Our Jess Yen Signature Series Silk White is mixed to the requirements of Japanese Tebori tattoo ink and performs best for oriental designs.

Vintage Ink White

Bright and shiny like fresh powder snow. Make this classic white your companion for any tattoo session not only American traditionals and oldschool-style tattoos


We are happy to present you the BLACKEST Black ink on the market now also EU REACH compliant. As there is no darker black ink on the market, you can rely on this liquid and excellently workable black that will heal and hold as black as it goes in. Go for the full saturation with Eternal Ink’s PITCH BLACK and make the world a little bit darker!

Available as Lining and Concentrate mixture!


We are tirelessly working on reintroducing the complete product line of Eternal Ink to meet all REACH requirements. But we also want to make sure you are experiencing the same performance of our pigments to match the brightness and boldness of work you have done pre 2022.


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