Eternal Ink / European Labeling

Safety, legality and customization – Regarding the correct labeling of tattoo inks, European standards are high!

This is why Eternal Ink EUROPE UG is setting the standards for the exact legal labeling of Eternal Ink in every European country, in co-operation with all our official dealers.

This gives you the safety to follow all the guidelines issued by your national health authorities and also makes it way more convenient for you to use high quality ink in a high quality packaging.

Eco-friendly without any unnecessary and unsightly extra labeling on the back of the bottle.

Find your official European Eternal Ink dealer on this website to get your European-labeled Eternal Ink products.

1. Area to mark date of opening
2. Legal information for the country the ink is distributed in (in the relevant official language)
3. Official Eternal Ink European distributers company name
4. Further details, among them 12 months (12M) durability after opening as well as icons
implying various specs like “vegan”, “no animal cruelty”, “sterile” etc.