Signature Series / Halo - Fifth Dimension

Halo - Fifth Dimension

The Halo Fifth Dimension ink set is a collection of 12 opaque hues of light and pastel colored bright tones to put your mid-tones and darker hues into contrast. You can use these ink purely in the skin or add them to your other color tones to tint them up and add more impact! This is a must-have addition to every tattoo artist’s palette and will streamline your color selection.


sample color
  • HA01 Moon Dust
  • HA02 Jupiter
  • HA03 Solar Flare
  • HA04 Aurora
  • HA05 Ectoplasm
  • HA06 Equinox
  • HA07 Solstice
  • HA08 Twilight
  • HA09 Zero Gravity
  • HA10 Nova
  • HA11 Nebula
  • HA12 Cosmos