Signature Series / Jess Yen

Jess Yen’s tattoo art is combination of photo-realistic and Asian tattoo elements which makes his style so unique.Eternal Ink worked with Master Yen to design 22 thrilling color tones that capture the gravity and majesty of oriental tattoo art. These colors are manufactured especially for original Japanese tebori tattooing. The Jess Yen ink set includes one bottle of Keep It Wet. Only available in diamond-shaped 60ml bottles


sample color
  • JY01 Ninja Black
  • JY02 Lantern Yellow
  • JY03 Incense Brown
  • JY04 Buddha Gold
  • JY05 Silk White
  • JY06 Tibetan Red
  • JY07 Daruma Red
  • JY08 Rising Red
  • JY09 Chrysanthemum Orange
  • JY10 Momo Peach
  • JY11 Peony Purple
  • JY12 Lotus Tip
  • JY13 Geisha Pink
  • JY14 Sakura Pink
  • JY15 Green Dragon
  • JY16 Imperial Jade
  • JY17 Indigo Dye
  • JY18 Han Purple
  • JY19 Fuji Blue
  • JY20 Immovable Dark
  • JY21 Immovable Medium
  • JY22 Immovable Light
  • JY23 Keep It Wet