Signature Series / Liz Cook

Liz Cook Signature Series

The re-designed Liz Cook ink set combines a variety of colors which put a glimpse of magic and fairytale into your artwork. The set includes a well-defined spectrum of pigments which gives you a selection of neutral tones, rich blues and purples along some eye-catching greens. The perfect range for all color-realism and neo traditional artists!


sample color
  • LC01 Imperial Violet
  • LC04 Red Violet
  • LC05 Fuchsia
  • LC06 Antique Fuchsia
  • LC08 Mulberry
  • LC09 Electric Raspberry
  • LC10 Pepto Pink
  • LC19 Forest
  • LC20 Shamrock
  • LC21 Granny Smith Green
  • LC22 Sage
  • LC23 Jade