Lyle Tuttle / Limited Edition

Lyle Tuttle Limited Edition

The American tattoo legend Lyle Tuttle is celebrating his 70 Year Tattoo carreer with Eternal Ink by releasing a limited edition ink set of 10 colors for all sophisticated collectors and tattoo history enthusiasts. You will find a fold-out booklet with many interesting facts and photos of Lyle’s progression to become one of the best-known tattoo artists in American history over a duration of seven decades.

“These ten colors from Eternal Ink were chosen and named to honor people and the influential and meaningful parts of my life and 70 year career in tattooing. Little did I know that when I stepped across the threshold of that first tattoo shop in San Francisco that tattooing would take me to all seven continents to make my mark. Stay creative and adventurous!”
Lyle Tuttle

Please notice:
Due to original American labeling of the bottles including the
limited numbering this in most European countries this product is not intended to be used as tattoo ink.


sample color
  • E31 Chadwick White
  • E23 Opal's Pink Rose
  • E41 Heart with Mother Red
  • E26 Burchett's Brown
  • MC12 Bell bottom Purple
  • E52 Betty Broadbent Blue
  • E21 Lola's Mint Green
  • CS20 Tale of the Dragon
  • E19 U.S. Marine Green
  • E40 Cosmic Stars Yellow