Signature Series / M-Series


The M Series, designed by Mike Devries and Mario Rosenau, is formulated for portrait work, realism, and monochromatic tattoos. You will find a collection of easy blendeable grey tones which give your tattoos a very smooth look, accompanied by highlight colors, which help you to add eye-catching details to your artwork. Mixing them all on the fly will get you amazing results for your skin tones as well for other elements in your work.


sample color
  • MM01 Rich Turquoise
  • MM05 Off White
  • MM08 Warm Light Gray
  • MM09 Warm Medium Gray
  • MM10 Warm Dark Gray
  • MM12 Rich Medium Flesh
  • MM13 Rich Dark Flesh
  • MM14 Cool Light Gray
  • MM15 Cool Medium Gray
  • MM16 Cool Dark Gray
  • MM17 Perfect Black
  • MM18 Perfect White