Mike DeVries

Eternal Ink Signature Series Artist

  • Realism
There’s a lot of trial-and-error in art that further educates you … and that is how things evolve.
Mike DeVries

Mike DeVires got inked for the first time at the age of sixteen which opened the window to the world of tattoos for him. He has always been amazed by the portraiture work and especially the realism style.

He started tattooing professionally in 2003 and found his niche with color realism but he also enjoys tattooing other styles and incorporating different aspects into his work to keep things fresh and interesting.

By the way Mike is an award-winning artist, garnering approximately 130 awards in the first seven years that he has been tattooing.

MD Tattoo Studio
9545 Reseda Blvd, #2
Northridge, CA 91324