Signature Series / Myke Chambers

Myke Chambers Signature Series

Myke Chambers has evolved a unique brand of Traditional Americana tattoo art.

The strong symbolic images inked in his unmistakable style prove that he is one of the most important American traditional artists of our era.
In this set you will find 12 strong and bursting color tones Myke helped us to design.
This set simplifies the ink selection process with unique hues that will create the brightness and contrast of Myke’s traditional tattoo style.


sample color
  • MY01 Yellow Stone
  • MY02 True Gold
  • MY03 California Orange
  • MY04 Red Cross
  • MY05 Mississippi Mud
  • MY06 Rawhide
  • MY07 Seven Seas
  • MY09 Georgia Pine
  • MY08 Green River
  • MY10 Blue Ribbon
  • MY11 Blue Ridge
  • MY12 Zane Grey