ON THE ROAD / Travel Set

On The Road Tattoo Set

The ON THE ROAD Tattoo Set is the perfect allrounder for traveling tattoo artists.
In cooperation with The Inked Army Tattoo Equipment we revised the existing Eternal Ink travel set
and improved major parts of the whole system.

Extra sturdy steel-gray plastic case. Very solid top-level inlays holding securely all important
Eternal Ink color tones plus a lower three-section area in which consumables and
disposables can be stored.Featuring toggle clasps securing against accidental opening as well as a rubber safety grip.

Included content:

15ml/0.5oz bottles
Blackbird/ Gray/ Bright Orange/ Bright Yellow/ True Blue/ Dark Purple/ Lime Green/
Mint Green/ Pink/ Dark Brown/ White/ Georgia Peach/ Magenta/ Crimson Red/
Lipstick Red/ Caramel/ Spearmint Green/ Peacock Blue/ Lavender/ Bumble Bee

30ml/1oz bottles
Lining Black & Keep-It-Wet

+ additional varying sample products from The Inked Army and other brands

On the Road 1

Solid case

Absorbs kinetic energy and creates a safe shell for all interior items.

On the Road 2

Fully packed

Includes a lot of additional and varying sample products including brands like The Inked Army and others.

On the Road 3

Rubber Grip

A safety rubber grip makes it impossible for the On the Road Tattoo Set to slip out of your hand.

On the Road 4

Toggle Clasps

The closing system avoids accidental opening if the case ever falls down and hits the floor.

On the Road 5

Enough space for all items

Whatever items you choose to customize your On the Road Tattoo Set, you will find enough space for them in the three sections inside the case.

On the Road 6

Safe support of your inks

The top inlay ensures a safe sit of all Eternal Ink bottles even when the case is closed. Also you can always customize your On the Road Tattoo Set with all other 15/30 ml Eternal Ink bottles in existence.