Special Sets / Portrait Skin Tones

Portrait Skin Tones

The portrait set has been developed to give intensity and contrast to your portrait work. With warm and cool tones, this set helps you to upgrade the realism in your portraits and creaminess of pin-ups. And with the cooler tones you can add a color contrast to warm highlight areas to add more vitality.


sample color
  • EP01 Almond
  • EP03 Sable
  • EP04 Rich Espresso
  • EP05 Enchanted Lilac
  • EP06 Wine Berry
  • EP08 Sea Shell
  • EP09 Rose Satin
  • EP10 Papaya
  • EP11 Light Peach
  • EP12 Nude Blush
  • EP13 Spice
  • EP16 Rust