Signature Series / Rich Pineda - Flesh To Death

Rich Pineda - Flesh To Death

Tattoo artist Rich Pineda packs his stunning portraits with the colorful warmth of life.

This set offers you a wide range of flesh hues, which gives you the chance to experience to understand his dramatic approach to color and light pushes the boundaries of portrait realism.

Pineda worked with Eternal Ink to create these 12 striking hues and gather them in the Flesh To Death ink set: the delicate Fair Maiden, the nine tones of flesh from the lighter Cream & Sugar thru to saturated Renaissance and ending with three deep, dark hues.


sample color
  • RP01 Fair Maiden
  • RP02 Cream & Sugar
  • RP03 Weathered Leather
  • RP04 Flesh to Death
  • RP05 Whiskey Barrell
  • RP06 Aged Parchment
  • RP07 Plush Blush
  • RP08 Moulin Rouge
  • RP09 Renaissance
  • RP10 Dirty Scarlet
  • RP11 Bruised Ego
  • RP12 Caffeine Rush